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We know that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Even if your driving record is poor due to speeding tickets and other violations, we can help you find the lowest possible insurance rates. We are committed to working with all drivers, and we believe that you can overcome a bad history to become a good driver with a just a little time and effort.
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Auto Insurance Quote Service When Your Driving Record is Poor

When your driving record is anything but perfect, our quoting service for cars, automobiles, suvs, trucks and minivans, can help you find good rates and quality car insurance. Even if you must accept a policy with higher rates for the time being, you can work on improving your driving so that you can attain better discounts on your automotive policy in the future. Here are a few things you can do to help your situation:

  • Always follow local speed limits:  Speeding tickets are the number one reason people end up with poor driving records.  Observing local speed limits and keeping up with the flow of traffic can help you to avoid penalties that will cost you in tickets and in points on your license.

  • Pay close attention in construction areas:  Traffic penalties for infractions that occur in an area undergoing road construction are higher than those in regular areas.  Because construction areas also involve people working near the roads, it is especially important to be careful in these zones.  What would be a simple accident elsewhere could be a tragedy there.

  • Don't fall victim to road rage; practice staying calm in stressful moments so that you can better cope with unexpected traffic and the aggravating antics of other motorists.  Listening to music or audio books can help you remain at peace in your vehicle, even in stressful driving situations.

  • When making plans that involve road travel, leave yourself enough time to arrive even if you do encounter detours, construction, or highway delays.  Knowing that you have plenty of time to reach your destination will prevent you from speeding or driving recklessly.

  • Keep your vehicle in good working order. Frequently check that all your headlights, fog lamps, brake lights, and other problem indicators are functioning properly.  This will keep you safe and help you to avoid fines.

  • Maintain a safe following distance behind other cars and trucks on the road.  Give yourself time to react if the motorist ahead of you stops or turns suddenly.

  • Consider taking a defensive driving course to lower your insurance rates and become a more educated motorist.  Insurance companies know the value of good driver’s education courses, and they are apt to reward drivers who have taken such courses with lower rates.

Follow these guidelines and you will be well on your way to a better driving record and better rates for your auto insurance.