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At our insurance quote auto, suv, van, truck service, we believe that the best drivers deserve the best rates. That's why our auto insurance quotes give the highest discounts to motorists with long histories of driving safely. Responsible drivers are rewarded at Advantage Car Insurance!
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Best Car Insurance Rates for Better Driving Records

As you well know, driving is a privilege that many cannot afford to lose. If you live in a rural area without public transportation, a reliable vehicle can be your link to the world, to your career, and to your family.  To protect that important privilege, motorists should always follow the rules of the road and be alert and aware at all times.  Maintaining a record of safe driving gives car insurance companies confidence in your abilities, making you a low risk motorist. Your responsible driving history allows insurers to offer you the best available rates to insure your vehicle.

Of course, Advantage Auto Quotes understands that accidents happen and that even good drivers make mistakes. However, we would like to recommend the following tips for drivers who want to keep their record clean and their rates low.  In order to stay at the top of your game and maintain an excellent driving record, please consider the following:

  • Even the best drivers can benefit from a defensive driving course:  Driver’s education courses are valued highly by insurance companies, especially for teens and other new drivers who wish to lower their rates and be safe on the roads.  Learning how to drive defensively, be aware of potential hazards, and respond accordingly can help to prevent accidents.  

  • Road rage is a real problem on today's high-traffic highways. It can be very easy to let your temper flare over inconsistent drivers, bumper to bumper traffic, road construction, and other obstacles that are slowing down your day.  Road rage is even harder to control when you are in a rush to arrive somewhere on time.  You can help to maintain your calm by listening to music, playing books on tape, or practicing meditations and breathing. 
  • Using Mapquest and other online direction services is very helpful, but it is also wise to call for directions that include local landmarks when visiting a new place.  It helps to have signs, buildings, and other key objects to look for when you are making a journey for the first time.
  • Plan your travel so that you have time to spare. This will help you to avoid breaking speed limits and getting frustrated if you encounter delays on the road, which will in turn help you to avoid road rage and maintain your good driving record.

Keep up with your vehicle's maintenance. Check regularly for burned out light bulbs and other safety hazards.  Not only can a poorly maintained vehicle earn you a fine, it can also contribute to dangerous driving and accidents.  Keep your record clean while caring for the vehicle you rely upon.

Even if your driving record is currently mired with imperfections, you can work hard to improve your driving. Following the above guidelines over time and allowing your bad driving record to become history, you too will be able to receive the best rates from companies like Liberty Mutual, AIG, Nationwide, and Allstate.  Like today‘s customers with perfect driving records, you will someday earn the best auto insurance rates available through