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Commercial car or truck insurance is designed to protect your business in the event of an on-the-job accident. A good commercial policy will insure company owned or leased vehicles, their drivers, and any people or property that is damaged in a collision. Allow us to find you the best insurance rates for small, medium, and large corporate fleets.
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We offer Great Rates on Commercial Liability Auto Insurance

Whether your business maintains one vehicle or an entire fleet, commercial liability insurance is critical to protecting your assets and your employees. When you are operating a business that requires the use of a vehicle, or many vehicles, even one minor accident can be enough to put a dent in your good reputation and your bottom line. Covering your fleet with automotive insurance will give you the reassurance you need to know that your company and your drivers are protected from the many things that can go wrong on the road. A good automotive insurance policy for businesses will:

  • Insure vehicles that are leased by your company: Leased cars and trucks, as well as vehicles which have not been paid off as of yet must carry the most comprehensive insurance policy available.

  • Insure vehicles that are owned by your company: Even if your cars and trucks are free and clear from leasing or loans, you still need to protect them. Vehicles are an asset to your business.

  • Provide coverage for the operators of your business' cars and trucks: Not only do your vehicles need protection, your drivers need to be covered whenever they are on the job. A good commercial insurance policy will cover them whether they are at fault in a collision, not at fault, or involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

  • Cover the various types of accidental damage that could occur during a collision, whether your drivers were at fault or not: An accident can cause damage to the body of your vehicle, damage to the internal mechanisms, property damage, and injuries caused to your driver, pedestrians, and other motorists. A comprehensive insurance policy will cover repair and replacement, as well as medical care if it is needed.

Though commercial liability insurance is naturally more expensive than an individual or personal car insurance insurance policy, business owners can use to get the best rates available for their companies. We will search reliable automotive insurance agencies like AIG, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, eSurance, Nationwide, and The Hartford for insurance coverage that will serve your commercial needs.

Your rate will vary depending on your business history, the driving records of your employees, and the number of vehicles covered by your policy. Insurance companies will also take into account what sort of business you operate and how often your automobiles will be on the road.

To find out what kind of rates are available for your commercial automotive insurance policy, begin by filling out our short form. We are confident that the policies you receive through Advantage Auto will give you the best rates in the industry today.