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Motorists with excellent driving records typically receive the lowest rates on auto insurance, but all drivers can lower their rates when they comparison shop with our services. Get the best price on your car, truck, or SUV policy, or save money for your commercial vehicle insurance. Get the Cheapest Quote from us!
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Lowest Rates for Auto / Car Insurance

Maintaining a clean driving record is the best way to get the lowest rates on car insurance. Following local speed limits and driving ordinances while always using caution on the road will prevent you from paying fines, receiving costly points, and sacrificing low rates on your auto insurance. All insurance companies reward good drivers with excellent driving records.

However, we all know that accidents happen, even to the most conscientious motorists. That's why our internet company quoting service works to secure the lowest rates possible for every driver. We seek out the best insurance coverage rates for individuals with all types of driving records, regardless of age or experience. By offering you a selection of comprehensive auto policies and low prices, you can make the most informed choice about your car insurance.

What Effects Your Insurance Rate?

  • Driving Record -- Insurance companies favor drivers with a proven track record of good judgment and safe motoring. 

  • Number of Points on License -- While all infractions negatively impact your driving record, those that carry points are especially damaging when seeking to lower your rates.  One or two points usually will not prevent you from securing a good insurance policy, however.

  • Accident History -- Being at-fault in a collision can cause your insurance rates to go up, as an accident indicates that you may be a careless driver.  Maintaining a good driving record after an accident can help to reassure insurers and lower your rates again.

  • Deductible Limits -- Lower deductibles require insurance companies to pay out more if your car is damaged or destroyed.  Therefore, they are forced to pass these costs onto the customer, charging more overall for a low-deductible policy.

  • Vehicle Value/Cost of Repairs -- An exceptionally valuable vehicle will cost you more to insure than an older car in poor condition.  The same can be said for an automobile that requires expensive repairs; the higher costs for the insurance company, the higher the cost to the insured motorist.

  • Theft Rates -- Certain cars and trucks are more likely than others to be stolen.  If you are trying to insure one of these vehicles with a policy that includes theft coverage, you can expect to pay a bit more for your auto insurance.   

  • Age/Experience of Driver -- Teen and other inexperienced drivers often pay more for insurance than older drivers.  Their rates are based on the increased likelihood of an inexperienced driver being involved in a collision. 

  • Married or Single -- Married drivers pay less for auto insurance coverage on average than single drivers.  

  • Location -- Rural states typically have lower car insurance rates than densely populated states, as the likelihood of an accident is much greater in an area that experiences heavy traffic.

  • Distance Traveled each Day -- The more time in the car, the more likely you are to have an accident on the road.  Auto insurance companies use statistics to determine how much motorists must pay for car insurance, so when your statistical likelihood of being in a collision goes up, so do your insurance rates.

  • Personal or Business Use -- As an individual, you can expect to receive lower car insurance rates than a corporation. 

The lowest rates for automotive insurance are out there just waiting for you to claim them. Get started with our online quote form today!

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