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Once a new vehicle is driven off the dealer's lot, it immediately loses value. For new car owners trying to insure their vehicles, this can be a real problem. GAP coverage is designed to fill the gap between the depreciated value of your new car and the replacement cost should an accident occur. We offer low cost policy that leave no gaps in the coverage.
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If you put less than 20% down payment on the purchase of a new car, you should consider adding gap insurance to your automotive policy.

GAP coverage is designed especially for new car purchases. New car owners should be aware that buying a new car and driving it off the dealership lot automatically depreciates its value - sometimes by thousands of dollars. While standard auto insurance covers the cost to replace your vehicle with a similarly depreciated model, new car owners deserve the assurance of knowing that they can buy a truly new car in the event that their car is damaged shortly after purchase. Why lose thousands because of an unfortunately timed accident?

Instead of accepting a significant loss, car owners can choose to add GAP coverage to their automotive insurance policy. A GAP policy covers the difference in cost between a new car and a recently-depreciated vehicle of the same make and model. Though an accident is never ideal, G.A.P coverage will protect you from losing your brand new car or truck immediately after you purchased it. Many drivers find that the peace of mind they get from purchasing a GAP policy is completely worth the added expense.

Many dealers offer Gap insurance for new car buyers, however, dealership policies are costly and can take advantage of a new car owner’s desire to protect his or her vehicle. Dealers depend on you to purchase their Gap coverage impulsively, at the same time you buy your car.

Rather than buying a policy at the dealership, let us do the work for you. At our quoting service we will compare rates from multiple insurance companies to find you the cheapest available G.A.P coverage for your vehicle. Using insurance agencies like Allstate, AIG, Liberty Mutual, and Nationwide, we find you the best rates available. Your new car is a precious possession. Protect it for its full value.

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